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gholastha profile image Gho ・1 min read

Hi Dev, call me Gho..

I have plan to provide some services for people who needs printer/coppier locally in my village. To do this, I need to customize and develop a system or application first. It should be an online/offline system/app that used by me as the owner, by admin, by partner and by client both in desktop or mobile.

This topic is really new for me. I don't know what I should to do first, and also never have to know about where I should researching or learning and getting useful informations for everything I need in this project. Especially about:

~ How could we override the default settings of hardware? (in this case is printer/copier).
~ I was wondering that I can get the full access and control of my printer/copier devices. So I can customize the program that will be useful as I want.

I really need your help and also appreciated every answers from Dev. Well, I also hope I wasn't have any violations of ethics for this post. At least, big thanks for your time to reading and replying.

Best regards ~Gho


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Sylvie Fiquet

It's not very clear to me what you want to do and why.

First off, why does the business have to be online? What problem does it solve compared to a real-life one?

You are aware that even if all the interactions are online, you will need to be there to replace the paper and ink cartridges, deal with paper jams and other technical trouble, remove the printed copies and sort them for collection/delivery. You can't really do this fully as an online solution. Someone needs to be there.

So there is not much point in controlling the printer remotely or even programmatically. You're better off using standard software with good printing features, e.g. word processor, PDF reader, browser...

Now maybe there is a business case for your clients to send you stuff to print from wherever they are rather than physically go to your place. In that case, you need to provide them with a mobile app or web form that allows them to tell you what they want to print and in what format. Maybe to pay as well depending on whether it makes more sense to pay when they order or when they get the print.

If you already have the printer, you could even start your business now with just an email address. Just make a list of what you'd ask them in your app (e.g. size: A5, A4, A3...; double-sided, single-sided; etc) and ask them that when they contact you.

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Gho Author

Thank you for the response you gave @sfiquet . I really appreciate it.

Well, I have to explain my purpose while answering your questions.

I know.. That's so important to understand about; Isn't the offline way enough? Then my answer is; Basically, it's a good enough.

But in this case (in my business plan), I need some improvements to grow it bigger. Which is able to cover more customers and add more partners for the wider areas.

I think by using an automatic system and going online, it can continuously reproduces more business childs and also automatically grows up as the bigger.

One more thing, according to devices maintenance or item delivery. I think it is not really the core of the project. And for doing that, I think I have a lot of good ways to make it well.

Nah, I hope this explanation has represented all the answer about your questions.


Please tell me if you have any information or clue about:

*What should I do to get full control of hardware/device. So thus, I can customize and manage my devices (printer) with my own rules.

I don't know what's the name, phrase or keyword about this course. But I simply imagine it might be an Open Software, REST API or whatever; that means it is reusable and open source. So we can customize it as we need.

That's all..
Also, if you interested, we can talk as professional privately in chat. Thank you :)

Best regards ~gho