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Managing JDKs on native Windows (not WSL)


We are very familiar with sdkman or asdf, they are great for unix-like, but for Windows they depend on WSL. This is unbearable. So through vfox implementation of a plugin similar to sdkman.

What Is vfox!?

  • cross-platform support (Windows, Linux, macOS)
  • single CLI for multiple languages
  • support Global、Project、Session scopes when switching versions
  • simple plugin system to add support for your language of choice
  • automatically switches runtime versions as you traverse your project & more.

How manage JDK on native Windows?

1. Choose an installation that works for you.

2. ⚠️ Hook vfox into your shell ⚠️

Clink is on the way. see issue-129

# For PowerShell:
# 1. Open PowerShell Profile:
New-Item -Type File -Path $PROFILE # Just ignore the 'file already exists' error.
Invoke-Item $PROFILE
# 2. Add the following line to the end of your $PROFILE and save:
Invoke-Expression "$(vfox activate pwsh)"
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Remember to restart your shell to apply the changes.

3. Add java plugin

$ vfox add java
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4. Install some runtimes

$ vfox install java@22-graal
$ vfox install java@17.0.10+7-zulu
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Maybe you want to view all available version?

You can use vfox search java to view it. For example:

  • vfox search java graal -> view all version for graalvm

  • vfox search java zulu -> view all version for zulu

All short names are same as SDKMAN!

5. Switch runtime

$ vfox use java
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We no longer need to rely on WSL!

Plugin Repo:

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