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Quntis Remote Control Dual Source Light Bar Tech Review


Light Bars are one of those cool tech products that you see in a lot of those tech videos on Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube. I already own a few and I recently had the opportunity to try two new ones. The review today will be for the Quntis Remote Control Dual Source Light Bar. The purpose of Light Bars is to give you superior lighting in low light conditions which can't be replicated with a desk lamp. The lighting source produced from a desk lamp is uneven and causes glare whereas a Light Bar provides better lighting and is good for your eyes.

I like to code using dark themes so using a Light Bar creates the most ideal atmosphere and environment for doing so. You can see what comes in the box below:

Box Contents

x3 AA Batteries
x1 Remote Control
x1 Lamp Bar
x1 Bracket
x1 USB-C to USB-A cable
x1 User Manual

Quntis Remote Control Dual Source Light Bar Unboxing

I did an unboxing and demo video on Tik Tok which you can find here Unboxing the Quntis Remote Control Dual Source Light Bar.
Ok now lets go through the review and see why adding a Light Bar to your desk setup can be great for coding and when working or using an external monitor for entertainment.

Using a Light Bar With Your External Monitor

The Light Bar sits on top of you external monitor and creates a light source from above when you are working in low light or dark environments. The build quality is good and its very stable when sitting on the monitor it does not move around thanks to the bracket holding the light bar at the back.

Quntis Remote Control Dual Source Light Bar on External Monitor

Light Bar Clamp

There is zero glare or reflections on the screen and reading text and code is very easy because of the improved lighting. I even tried it on light themes and the result is the same it just creates a much brighter environment so viewing any content on the monitor becomes more natural.

The greatest selling point of this Light Bar has got to be the remote control lets see what its capable of next.

The Remote Control

The remote control is the main way for us to use the Light Bar. We can turn it on and off as well as adjust the brightness, temperature and the backlight. The fact that the remote control is touch sensitive makes it very convenient and a joy to operate. This is a very good feature because it means that we don't have to keep touching the Light Bar when we want to use it.

The Remote Control

Here you can see what the Light Bar looks like when the brightness has been increased.

Remote Control Brightness

And here you can see what the Light Bar looks like when the temperature setting has been changed.

Remote Control Temperature

As you can see we can adjust the Light Bar to fit whatever mood or preferences we desire.


Light Bars can add a lot of value to our desk setups and they are quite affordable so well worth buying one because you never know when you might need to get better lighting in a room. You can find more products on the Quntis website and use the links below to purchase the Light Bar from Amazon:

Amazon UK
Amazon US

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