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Free JavaScript Resources -


Have you always wanted to learn JavaScript but not sure where to start? Not sure whether a source is reputable or teaching you up to date information? Or do you simply want a collection of free JavaScript resources to get you started on your learning path?

I'm happy to announce my latest side project,

Version one of Java5cript covers:

  • Books
  • Websites
  • Course
  • & Videos

What's Coming?

More resources

Weekly updates of new and found resources.

Build to learn

Learn JavaScript syntax & fundamentals by building 5 projects at your own pace. From declaring variables to looping over API data. Get started with, 'build to learn' coming soon!

Learn by topic

JavaScript is a complex language with various concepts to learn. Java5cript will provide drilled down resources for each topic.

Further subcategories

Java5cript covers mostly vanilla JavaScript resources. In the future, it will include other subcategories such as React, Vue & Node.

Submit A Resource

Have you built or recorded an awesome free JavaScript resource? Maybe you have stumbled upon one that you found really useful? Either way, use the form on the (submit page)[] to send a resource.

Updates & Feedback

If you want to keep updated with new resources or provide some feedback, lets keep in touch on (Twitter)[].

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