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20 Awe-Inspiring Codepen Examples You Can Learn From is an online code editor that allows you to develop in an open-source environment. You create 'pens' which display a live-preview as you code which is great for testing out bugs, collaborating and discovering the latest design patterns. CodePen supports a great selection of languages, frameworks and libraries which you can quickly spin up into a pen to get coding on straight away.

As an avid user and supporter of CodePen, I have stumbled across many creative and inspiring pens and thanks to 'editor view' I have been able to learn from the code used to build them. Not only has this helped me grow as a JavaScript Developer, it has introduced me to different programming patterns and techniques I would never have been exposed to before.

Listed below are 20 awe-inspiring CodePen examples you can learn from. Make sure you take the time to read over the code and compliment the user by hearting or leaving a comment on the pen.

Please note, it's worth taking the time to check the following pens out on your desktop browser. Some are JavaScript heavy or not built for mobile so your overall experience will be better.

X-ray me (SVG Experiment) - noeldelgado

Skewed title text - Paul Noble

Bullseye Game - Elliot Geno

Flexbox playground - Gabi

Musical Chord Progression Arpeggiator - Jake Albaugh

Meshi the CSS Dog - David Khourshid

Cub n Pup - puzzle game demo - Dave DeSandro

CSS3 Transform - Vineeth.TR

SVG Bubble Slider - Chris Gannon

Low Poly Tree Generator - Karim Maaloul

Full CSS Map creator - Vincent Durand

Chill the lion - Karim Maaloul

SVG Low PolyLion: Animated Polygons - GRAY GHOST

Pull Down to Refresh (Paper Plane) - Nikolay Talanov

CSS-only Colorful Calendar Concept - David Khourshid

Birds of a Feather - Tiffany Rayside

Responsive Huggy Laser Panda Factory - Sarah Drasner

Pure Css "day and night" toggle - Benjamin RΓ©thorΓ©

Self Coding Pen - Jake Albaugh

CSS3 Working Clock - Ilia

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Ben Halpern

Wow, the x-ray one is trippy!

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Michael Tharrington

Just scrolled down here to comment on the x-ray one... so cool!

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Frontend Dude πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Had to include that one as soon as I saw it.

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Veera Srivastava


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Awesome list!

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Veera Srivastava

I saw a few of these earlier, but others are just great!

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Panda Quests

This image of a MBP was drawn with CSS and a single DIV only:

Full disclosure: I'm the author.