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The FREE JavaScript Resources Post

Want to learn JavaScript for free but not sure where to start?
I've compiled a list of free resources that covers:

  • 📘 Books
  • 🖥️ Websites
  • 📝 Free Courses
  • 🎥 Youtube Channels


Search Google for any of these free books, they will show as one of the first results:

  • Eloquent JavaScript
  • You Dont Know Js
  • Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
  • Speaking JavaScript
  • JavaScript: The Good Parts
  • JavaScript For Cats
  • DOM Enlightenment
  • Understanding ECMAScript 6
  • Human JavaScript
  • Flavio Copes JS Handbook


MDNs JavaScript Reference

JavaScript Info

JavaScript Garden

Free Code Camp

Scotch Learn JS from scratch

Learn JS

w3schools JS

Tutorialspoint JS

Wikibooks Js Intro

Codecombat a JS game

HTMLDog JS Tutorials

JavaScript Kit JS Tuts

David Walsh's JS Blog

Flavio's JS Tuts blog

YouTube Channels

Free Courses - JavaScript30 - Scrimba Free JS Courses - Learn in an interactive environment. - Coursera JS courses - Coderbyte learn JS in one week - JS fundamentals - Udacity intro to JS - CodecAdemy Intro to JS (free trial) - Intro to the very basics of the JavaScript language. (free trial) - TreeHouse JS basics (free trial)

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Lanre Fagbeyiro

Thank you so much for this awesome piece

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Anita Joseph

Thanks for this article. Few if them i know already, Lost of them got to know through this post. Useful links....👍