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Frontend Dude 👨‍💻
Frontend Dude 👨‍💻

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Giveaway - Win full access to 'VSCode Power User' worth $149

Hi Devs 👋

We all sit behind our editor coding away for 200 hours a month on average. Worth $149, this course will save you 15-20 hours every month and here is your chance to win full access to it for free!

Check out the awesome course you could win here -

Follow the steps below or click through into the embedded tweet for more information:

  1. Follow @frontenddude on Twitter
  2. Like the Tweet embedded below ⬇️
  3. Retweet the Tweet embedded below ⬇️

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Ume Abraham Kalu

Hello, I've done as you said on my twitter.

frontenddude profile image
Frontend Dude 👨‍💻

Good luck :)

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Ben Sinclair

That's not giving something away, it's buying followers.

rahulmaurya profile image

Done Bro