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How to create an app like Instacart using a readymade grocery app in Flutter?

We're so used to getting things instantly, aren't we🤷?

And with the advent of on-demand apps like Uber, Lyft, and Instacart, we can get anything, anytime using our smartphones.

In this blog, we're gonna discuss how you can create an app like Instacart using a readymade grocery app.

Let's get started!

What is a readymade grocery delivery app?

A readymade grocery delivery app is a platform that comes out of the box with all the necessary features to run your grocery delivery business like Instacart.

You can buy the readymade grocery app and launch your business faster into the market compared to creating an app from scratch.

Advantages of using a readymade grocery app

Using a readymade app for your business can yield various benefits such as,

  • You can launch faster into the market.
  • Get an MVP at a minimal cost.
  • You can get support and updates from the team.
  • Easy to scale to any extent.
  • Created with proven technology and by a team who knows the industry better.

How to create an app like Instacart using a readymade app?

We discussed how readymade grocery apps can help you launch a business faster but how you can really build a grocery delivery platform using it?

Let's find out the things you need to know before starting the development process.

1. How many applications do you need to run your grocery delivery business?

The grocery delivery business functions with 3 people,

  • the user
  • the delivery partner
  • the admin.

You have to have two mobile apps for the user and delivery partner and a web panel for the admin to manage the business.

2. Features to include in your on-demand grocery delivery platform

User app:

The main features in the User app are;

Advanced search filters:
To search and find the groceries to order.

Push notification:
Users can get notified of the orders, special offers, and other delivery-related events through push notifications.

Saved location:
Users can save their frequent locations to order conveniently.

Multi-payment mode:
Multiple payment options help users pay for their orders using their preferred modes.

Promo code:
Offering promo codes can help users use the platform much longer and order frequently.

Contactless delivery:
COVID changed all our habits altogether and people now prefer contactless delivery to keep them safe.

Having a contactless delivery option can be an added advantage.

Track order:
Users can track delivery partners' locations to get an ETA of the order they made from the platform.

Wallet option:
Users can top up and use the wallet to order groceries from the platform.

Ratings and reviews:
Ratings keep the platform more credible and easy to use. Users can rate the delivery partners based on their service.

Offering multiple languages can help users surf through the app in their own language.

Tips to the delivery partner:
Users can leave a tip for the delivery partner based on their experience.

Delivery partner app:

The main features in the delivery partner app are:

Document submission:
The delivery partners should submit legal documents to get into the platform.

The delivery partners can reach the store and the user’s location without any discomfort using the navigation feature.

The delivery partners can rate users based on the user's behavior.

The delivery partners can choose their preferred language to use their app.

Order management:
Delivery partners can view past and current orders details on the app.

Online/Offline toggle:
The delivery partners can manage their availability to deliver groceries using the online/ offline toggle.

Payout management:
The delivery partners can add bank account details to receive their earnings from the admin.

Earning report:
The delivery partners can view their total earnings reports in their app.

Store web panel:

The important features in the store panel are:

Document management:
The store owners should submit legal documents which will be then approved by the admin to get into the platform.

Order management:
This feature helps store owners to check on their past and current orders and also accept/reject the orders from the customers.

Payout method:
The store owners can add their bank account details to get their earnings from the platform.

Earnings report:
The store owners can view their earnings directly from their store dashboard.

Manage transactions:
The store owners can see the overall transactions that they are part of.

Modifier groups:
The store owners can set the modifier/addons for each grocery item.

Store status:
Store owners can change their availability using the toggle button in the dashboard.

Operating hours:
The store owners can set the operating hours for their stores on a per-day basis.

Print receipt:
The order receipt can be printed by store owners from their dashboard.

Manage menu:
The store owners can create a grocery list for their stores.

Offering a multi-language feature can help store owners can use the platform in their preferred language.

Admin web panel:

The main features in the admin panel are:

User management:
The admin can the user information, such as their names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Delivery partner management:
The admin can handle the delivery partner details and the vehicle details from the admin dashboard.

Store management:
Admin can access the grocery store details and store-related documents uploaded by store owners.

Categories management:
The admin can add/remove grocery categories and change their availability status.

Service fee management:
Admin can set the service fee for the user and the stores using their dashboard.

Order management:
The admin can view each order detail and the order amount on the admin web panel.

Admin earnings management:
Admin earnings will be displayed under the 'Admin earnings' sections. Here's admin can view the earnings they made from the platform.

Manage vehicle types:
The admin can manage the vehicle types by adding, editing, or deleting them.

Offering a multi-language feature can help admin to use the platform in their preferred language.

Manage add-on:
The admin has an option to enable or disable the add-ons option from their platform.

Manage promo code:
The admin can add and manage promo codes.

Auto-payout automatically transfers the payments to the grocery store owners.

Sub-admins management:
The admin can add sub-admins and assign roles to them.

Reviews management:
The admin can view the reviews given by the delivery partner to the user and vice versa.

3. Technology that we used to create the readymade grocery delivery app

We used Flutter to create our readymade grocery delivery app - WooberlyGrocery.

Flutter helped us create a product that is flexible and scalable to any extent.

Here are some of the advantages of using Flutter,

  • Cross-platform technology so that you can create both Android and iOS apps from a single codebase.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Scalable.
  • Faster development time.
  • Suitable for MVP development.

Interested to learn more about our product? Check out WooberlyGrocery.

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