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An Exclusive List of Top 5 Apps Designed Using Flutter

Why should I be considering Flutter as one of the tech stacks for my app-based business?

Welcome! Newcomers or existing app developers who are looking for an upgrade. To answer the question above, we present you with this blog to explain with a top-notch example as to why you should be using Flutter to develop your apps!

Benefits of using Flutter:

These are the top 5 benefits that you should be knowing about using Flutter to develop your apps. Apart from the benefits, you’ll be looking to top functioning apps in the market.

One of the reasons for them to be high-performing apps is as they were developed using Flutter. Let’s jump right into the benefits;

Single Code Base:

The developers just have to type out one code base and it can be efficiently used to build apps for both the Android and iOS platforms.

Enhancing the User Interface:

The User Interface (UI) is effective when built using Flutter. Where the developers can use the widget library to build the Cupertino and the material design to enhance the performance of the user interface.

Cost-Effective Method:

The developers don’t have to type out codes multiple times. Flutter saves so much time and money with the cost of development for the app development companies.

Lower app testing time:

The lead time of the product launch reduces when the testing time is less. Flutter helps with this, as there is just one code to test — it won’t consume more time and energy of the developers.

Highly performing product:

This is one of the major advantages of using Flutter to build your apps. There is a concept called Hot reload in Flutter which is used by the developers to cross-check the errors and bugs they fix while making those changes.

Top 5 apps designed using Flutter:

1. Google Ads App:

There won’t be any digital marketers without the knowledge of Google Ads Manager (It’s a savior!). Now Google Ads manager comes in-app!

You’ll be able to see the following and more;

  • Campaign stats
  • Update bids and budgets
  • Get real-time alerts and notifications
  • Call a Google expert

2. Xianyu, Alibaba (M-Commerce App)

Alibaba built Xianyu using Flutter which now has 50+ million downloads and 10+million users all over the world. Xianyu is one of the world’s biggest E-commerce (now M-commerce too!)

And they have recently added the search by image feature in their M-commerce platform.

Alibaba chose Flutter mainly because of the Dart language as it is a well-suited reactive programming language.

3. Reflectly:

Reflectly is a personal journal app that helps to deal with negative thoughts and increases productivity and positivity backed up with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Reflectly has 10 million downloads and 2.5 million subscribers all over the world.

4. is based in Santa Clara, California is one of the best property-finding apps. The app is inbuilt with a mortgage calculator, and you can stream the app on a TV to get a full view of the property that you are going to rent, you can schedule a visit. There are numerous other features to look forward to.

5. Wooberly:

Lastly, Wooberly is a taxi app solution. It is a marketplace taxi booking app solution that is 100% customizable and scalable. This is one of the high-performing on-demand apps in the market.

RentALLScript who designed Wooberly used Flutter which has ensured top-quality performance for the app.

These are some of the high-performing apps that you should be knowing about before considering Flutter for your app development.

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