Are you less likely to open a post from an organisation?

faraazahmad profile image Syed Faraaz Ahmad ・1 min read

I've noticed that the posts I make under a Dev organisation usually get lesser views and (consequently) lesser reactions from users here.

I'm not sure if it's the content, but I think I need to test this hypothesis.

Are you less inclined to open a post of you see an organisation's logo on it in the feed?


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I try to focus on what's posted more than the author, but I am a bit less inclined to check out branded/organization posts. For me, I think its a distrust of advertising. When an article is coming from a brand, it's much harder to tell if an article is just a "here's this cool tool/tip!" or a subtle product push.

One of the best parts of this platform is the lack of a fame economy. Yes, hearts and discussion numbers are visible, but you can't see who has 2 followers and who has 20,000 followers. There are very active users who we likely all see floating around, but there isn't a cult mentality. I'm sure we all notice when Ben pops into a thread, but there's less like and comment flooding and more productive discussion.

I think organization posts have their place, and I do occasionally read them, but I am typically more skeptical of intent.


I don't tend to notice here and only figure it out if I go to follow the author or if the post contains links to an obviously affiliated site.

If I do notice something's from an organisation... well, you're probably right. I'm more likely to think it's going to be an ad for that company's product and give it a miss.


Honestly, yes. This feels like a community platform, and I'm interested in what people have to say - not lead magnet articles from businesses. Whether that's an accurate picture or not, the other SMs have been spoiled by advertising and marketing.


Most of the time I notice it only after opening the post, so no.


yes, definitely. I'm not sure why, though. I guess it seems like an org is more likely to be marketing