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Syed Faraaz Ahmad
Syed Faraaz Ahmad

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How do you manage your reading list(s)?

As programmers, we require lots of reading on a daily basis. Be it code, documentation or any article that interests us. However there isn't enough time to read all the interesting articles you come across, so you save them for later (in a reading list)

Over time, reading lists get larger and larger if not dealt with properly, I want to know how you manage this problem

  1. Do you use an app (ex. Pocket, Instapaper, etc.) to manage tour reading lists?
  2. Do you have your personal routines to deal with this problem? (ex. getting through maximum possible articles on weekends, deleting old articles, etc.)
  3. What would be your ideal app to help fix this problem for you?

I'm asking this because I've had this problem for a long time, and I really want to do something to fix it. Thanks

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Vico Biscotti

After long search&try I landed on Bookmark Ninja. It costs $1/month but it's worth it. Categories, tags, tabs... everything for organizing your bookmarks and reading lists. Worth every cent.
A Chrome extension lets you to instantly kick your bookmark where you want in the bookmark manager.

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Andrew Baisden

I use for my productivity that is how I avoid procrastination and clear those bookmarks.

My current workflow is the following.

Apple Notes/Simplenote: Note taking (still deciding on which app to use)
Tick Tick: To do list (using Kanban for managing tasks)
Notion: Overall Productivity and project management

So my reading list is basically just notes in Apple Notes/Simplenote. Then if its something that can be worked on then I add it to Tick Tick otherwise I just delete it. And as for Notion if it's a major project like something to do with programming. Then I first add it as a to do in Tick Tick and then I have a project setup in Notion for working on it.

I used to use Pocket and Notion Web Clipper but I am trying to limit the apps I use for read later and bookmarks.