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Retro Days - Golden Age of Coding

Back to the future where all discoveries were made. To think that it all began with machine languages, mathematical science breakthrough with first computer, human language to computer language. It sounds so fun 🎉!

Test you retro skils

If you know this code, you are from the Retro days, or adapted the skills of the Retro days:

PROGRAM RainReadPrint;
USES Crt, Printer;
  RainFall : ARRAY[1..5] OF REAL;
  A        : INTEGER;
FOR A:=1 TO 5 DO
   Writeln('Enter Day', A, 's rainfall');
 Writeln(Lst, 'DAY RAINFALL');
 FOR A:=1 TO 5 DO
  Writeln(Lst,'Day ',A, '':2,RainFall[A]:5:2);
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Sometimes, it doesn't make sense how the world got so smart, to go from static screen to silent screens. Remember when you lit the white computer box, you knew it was about to be an electromagnetic time.

The Retro Days when writing code was limited to at least 128kb because performance was justified or else you have a blue screen.

Everything worked on machine and engineering calculations to make what now there exists the internet, 🕸️ collosum, and many interesting things to learn and grow into.

I bet in the future world, some people will be the museum of the golden age. Holding what's called treasure times.

I guess now, it will the best time for you learn broadly and in future, to be sharing how much you had acquired now.

1000 more to drop, 1000 more to establish.

Likewise, Do the basics.


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