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Backdoor trap security in place yet?

For a few months, with a rapid growth in the tech industry especially the AI territory. Some things are left unattended.

Time for a reality check, it has been all fun and games

With AI now being fully or gradually being adopted, our hacking friends have found some good bucket of sweets to steal from. The portals of many unknown dimensions are opened as well. The risk is so a norm, that we live with as neighbors. But we can somehow as developers, engineers and analysts help the backdoor trap to be ready.

What is the backdoor trap?
The backdoor trap is a strategy that fools the so called evil guy to be stuck in a loop, no way out, only way out, is to destroy/dispose the environment being used to serve the syntax, very sad for the one's on their local computers.

I won't share much of this, I recommend you to check or learn more on cybersecurity and ethical hacking

So why the need for all of this now. Well, since AI is modelled through thought processing of human perception and understanding, sometimes we don't know give our solutions as human would and training of such is rather ignored. Like how now you would ask AI to generate a code for writing hello world, you take the answer and you do not give back your natural feedback to say 'This is how I would have wrote it ...'. The need is to, counter hack the future problem of data comprises, fault manipulation that may alarm systems unnecessarily as a caution inorder to read the system weaknesses, undetected injection and duplication of system identity, which will be easy, since literally AI would be your mind in a cloud space somewhere.

Enhancing the betterment and safety use of AI as developers, engineers and analysts is in our power for the non-coding or non-core tech users, to keep it safe on the cyberspace.

So does AI have this backdoor trap yet? How is cyber security communities growing with their teachings? Or are we simply just enjoying the tech breakthrough we only have a glimpse of.

Maybe it's time to see more security strategy being introduced.

Likewise, 1000 to see, 1000 to hear.

Do the basics.

🏃‍♂️ out.

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