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Finally here... ☄️


Ever need a close tool like your toolbox? Something you can hide and show? Something that keeps everything you forget?

Look no further away. Your best friend m-util-box will do that for you. With features from clipboard that never sleeps to secret features that will be employed soon on m-util-box, you are to rejoice for efficient workflow.

So where is it?
Just like the tags reflect, it is readily available for your desktop environment's. Visit m-util-box website to see and get get started.

Upon trying m-util-box, Visit the Github repo and support the project. Like and grow the project. If it reaches > 1000 likes, some on-demand features will be made available in the next project updates.

Don't forget to visit the website to get started

Do the basics, 1000 more and 1000 lot.

🐎 full speed.

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