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Dude from DR Congo, but currently living in Rwanda... In between Software Engineering and Data Science! Native French Speaker!

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Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Work status

I'm looking for work!

Hacktoberfest is almost there, Python developers here are some venues for parties.

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Quelques meilleurs conseils pour un travail efficace à distance: une réalité africaine

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Reading Emails from a Mailbox with python

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My Customs Git Configurations

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for developers

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My first steps with Angular

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Resume review request

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How to connect to network from a docker container where the network connection is restricted for some IP

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Answer: export notebook to pdf without code

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Answer: TLS error when using docker-machine driver digitalocean

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How do you keep your environment variable synchronized among your development team.

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How do you handle unproductive days at work?

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What can you learn from someone GitHub contribution graph?

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How to count the number of commits made between 2 commits hashes

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If you were given 150 words to request a travel award for a conference what could you write?

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what language should I write my programming blog post in?

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How pandas read_clipboard method works

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What I’ve learned from my Udacity Deep Learning course (Sigmoid Function Vs SoftMax Function)

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Hi, I'm Espoir Murhabazi

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