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Comprehensive Guide for Computer Science Grads

This is Blog series on Comprehensive Guide for Computer Science Grads Who are enthusiasts like me or more, who wants to know deep concepts and beauty of Computer Science.


Before introducing you to the articles of this series I would like to mention my learning process which might be helpful for some of you.

There are 2 Essential facts in Computer Science.

1. Secret Mantra to understand any concept.

Create a simple Fundamental's List for yourself.

My fundamentals list 📜

  • Every program Which is written either in Java, C#, Ruby, Python, and javascript has to convert into machine code and executed by CPU.
  • All Languages either it is Java, C#, Ruby, Python, and javascript should have a grammar, A grammar lets us transform a program, which is normally represented as a linear sequence of ASCII characters, into a syntax tree.
  • Every Javascript framework like Angular, React, Vue, Svelte has to be converted into a set of Javascript instructions.

There are a few more, But This is just for your understanding. Creating this kind of fundamentals list will help you breakdown any complex theories of your interest.

Note: It is also very important to update your fundamentals if there is any major update or mistakes.

2. Find your Heroes. 🦸

It's really important to choose people who inspire and motivate you. It can be someone from your school, university, twitter or some blogs.

I would like to share my list

  1. Uncle Bob
  2. Maximilian Schwarzmüller
  3. The New Boston
  4. Carrie anne
  5. Todd Motto
  6. Wassim Chegam
  7. Dmytro Mezhenskyi
  8. Luciano Mammino

Frankly, I have a very long list of people who inspired me and motivates me(not necessarily a direct contact), but I don't want you to bother long list of mine.

The intention of the series is to build your fundamentals list and start an investigation on your favorite area of interest

Now I would like to introduce you to my articles, which are going to be part of blog series "Comprehensive Guide for Computer Science Grads "

Table Of Contents

  1. Ultimate Alchemy: Turning Sand into a Computer
  2. What is a Bit?
  3. What are Gates?
  4. 32 bit vs 64 bit
  5. CPU Bound vs IO Bound
  6. Introduction to Grammer
  7. Compiler vs Interpreter vs Transpilers
  8. History of programming Languages
  9. Arciteture Style vs Arcitecture patterns vs Design Patterns
  10. Programming Paradigms
  11. Functional Programming
  12. Object Oriented Programming
  13. What are TDD, BDD, DDD
  14. Process vs Threads
  15. Cryptography at high level
  16. Computer Networking
  17. What is Open power Architecture?
  18. Cloud Computing with GCP,Azure,AWS
  19. AI and Data Learning
  20. Which Platforms you should know
  21. What is SEO
  22. IT Giants

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