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Emilien Leroy
Emilien Leroy

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Maximizing Your Leaderboards with Highscore's New Category System and Meta Field

Hi everyone! Before the holiday, I released a new version of Highscore, an open-source leaderboard for indie game developers. This release includes a new category system and some additional small features. If you're not familiar with Highscore, it's a great tool for indie game developers to track and compare the scores of their games. I hope you'll check it out and let us know what you think!

Category system

One of the main features of this release is the new category system, which allows you to create an unlimited number of leaderboards using a single field for the score. To use it, simply add the category field with the name of the desired category. Scores submitted with a category will not appear on the main leaderboard, but you can now retrieve all scores for a specific category by including the category field in your request. This is a great way to track scores for different groups or categories within your game or application.


The meta field

This release also introduces a new field called the meta field in the score model. This field allows you to pass in any object with your data, with no restrictions on what you can include. For example, you could use this field to attach additional stats or metadata to a score, such as the number of turns taken or the difficulty level of the game. The meta field is a flexible and powerful way to add more context and information to your scores, and can be used to tailor your leaderboards to your specific needs.


Privacy policy view

Highscore now includes a default privacy policy that can be customized using environment variables. You can view the privacy policy by accessing the endpoint /privacy. Using the environment variables, you can configure the country, email, and website information included in the policy. By providing a clear and transparent privacy policy, you can help build trust with your users and ensure that their personal information is protected.


What's next

The next release of Highscore is expected to include a new achievement system, which will allow you to add goals and milestones to your game. In addition, we will be adding websocket events, which will allow you to listen when new scores are added. We hope these new features will be useful and help you get even more out of Highscore.

Thanks for reading!

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