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OSD Lab 9 - Setting up a CI Workflow

This week, I set up a GitHub Actions CI Workflow to run tests automatically on any push to main or for a PR to main. I found that there was a starter workflow file for rust with this configuration. So, I simply added the workflow through the Actions tab using this starter file as it is.

Next, I partnered up with Wokneun No to add more test cases to their OpenSSG project written in Java. It had been a while since I had worked with Java, and I had never written any tests in Java. So, it took me some time to set up the project and get used to working with IntelliJ.
However, it was easy to understand the code and file structure. Unlike my rost_gen project which has all the logic in one file, it was well organized into multiple files. Though I had to run the tests using the IntelliJ IDE, writing the tests was way simpler.
I ended up going through a utils file and improved the existing tests by adding more test cases for each method.

I had seen CI workflows before and had wanted to add it to my project for a while. They are great to ensure that tests are run for every change. I had been delaying it since I assumed it would be a somewhat complicated process to set it up. But it turned out to be quite simple.

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