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Hacktoberfest - Part 4

For Part 4, I decided to work on a bug in the Seneca telescope project. The issue was related to the sign-up process. When users sign up, they have to input their blog URL. Upon entering this, they will be shown possible feed URLs. However, in case there is only one feed URL, it should get auto selected and the sign-up process should move to the next step.

I knew what this was about since I had experience it myself while signing up. And since I already had setup the project locally before to work on another issue, I did not think any setup would be needed. However, I had not looked at how login or sign up worked. On the released version of the app, the signup process requires the user to login with their Seneca email using SSO. So, I looked up the environment setup documentation and found instructions on how to set up a local test SAML SSO provider to get login working and a list of test users that I could use to replicate the signup process.

I followed the instructions and got login working locally. However, my local database was not seeded properly since the login process using the local test SAML SSO provider would work but the app could not find the relevant users in the database. So, finally after seeding the local database properly, I was able to start working on the issue.

I found it fairly simple to get the auto select functionality working as it involved checking if the field URLs array only had one element, and then selecting that. Though, I found that currently, the user had to select another checkbox to declare that they own and maintain the blog at the blog URL. This checkbox had to be checked for the sign up to move to the next step. So, I decided to not skip this checkbox and keep the changes to just auto selecting the feed URL for now. I mentioned this in a comment in the original issue and created a draft PR for my changes.

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