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Hello World

Hello there, I am Eakam, a student in the Computer Programming and Analysis program at Seneca College. I am writing this post to mark the beginning of my journey into open source development as a part of my course in open source development.

A few years before I started learning about software development, I switched to Linux on an old computer I had since it was too old to support Windows. Out of curiosity, I decided to research about the history of Linux and found out about open source development.

Truthfully, I do not know much about open source development as I write this. However, I have wanted to learn more about it and also contribute to the open source community. That is why I decided to take this course. By the end of my term, I hope to learn more about open source development, and contribute to open source projects.

I find projects that help visualize data pretty interesting. A recent one I found was which helps visualize JSON data as graphs. I have had to deal with large JSON responses with 1000s of records and multiple layers of nesting while debugging programs. I usually use a browser such as Firefox to navigate the data. However, with a tool like this, I would have been able to save several hours of debugging just to discover that a config problem had caused data duplication and nesting issues.

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Gabor Szabo

Nice. You could turn these blog posts following OSD600 into a "real" series in DEV. That will make it easier for people to follow along.
Check the Jekyll front matter when you are editing a post.

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Oh, I didn't know that was a thing that could be done. Thank you, I will take a look!

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