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Day 895 : The Foundation

liner notes:

  • Professional : Back after a long weekend that I didn't know was a long weekend. haha It was Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday. Came back today and got back to work. Had a couple of meetings. Followed up on some community questions. Started laying the foundation for a migration that I want to get done this week.

  • Personal : So during the holiday, I got the final touches on the card gallery section working. There's a section where the title could be various lengths. I figured out a way to dynamically set the size so that the text fits in the space. Been learning quite a bit putting this together. I put together the workflow for the dashboard that will generate the assets I use in the frontend. Went through some tracks for the radio show. Ended the night watching an episode of "Echo".

An area in Richmond Park, United Kingdom with trees with long branches and the sunlight shinning through.

Going to put together some tracks for the radio show. I want to start creating a proof of concept for the app that will generate what I'll need for the frontend I've been working on. It's only the beginning because I'll also need to generate the stuff for the details page, but it's a start. This project will be the largest one I've made so far. Going to end the night watching another episode of "Echo". It's pretty good so far.

Have a great night!

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