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Season 6 of DevDiscuss is here!

DevDiscuss is back with all new episodes for season 6! On our flagship podcast, we tackle the burning questions that impact all our lives as developers 🔥

We hope you enjoy the season premiere all about the many human factors involved in engineering!

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Shoutout our hosts this week @ben (Creator of DEV & Chief Creative Officer @ Forem) and @molly (Head of Engineering at Forem). And a huge thanks to our guests in this episode:

  • Nick Stenning, Site Reliability Engineer at Microsoft, working on Azure
  • Laura Maguire, researcher at Jeli, an incident analysis platform.

You can follow DevDiscuss to get episode notifications and listen right in your feed — or subscribe on your platform of choice! Plus, if you leave us a review, we'll send you a free pack of thank-you stickers. Details here.

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Discussion (5)

madza profile image

Congrats! 👍😉

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

SO glad DevDiscuss is back 😭

ahmedmansoor012 profile image
Mansoor Ahmed

Glad to hear that DevDicuss is back.

nditah profile image

Well done, Team!

mrsaeeddev profile image
Saeed Ahmad

Great to hear that!