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S6:E1 - Engineering: The Human Component

In this episode, we talk about human factors in engineering and learning from incidents with Nick Stenning, site reliability engineer at Microsoft, working on Azure, and Laura Maguire, researcher at Jeli, an incident analysis platform.

Show Notes

Laura Maguire

Laura Maguire is experienced in a wide range of systems design methods and techniques to support human performance in high risk/high consequence work environments. She has led project teams across a variety of domains in the identification and development of systems improvement initiatives. Her doctoral work focused on resilience engineering helping organizations cope with complexity, adapt at the pace of change and improve industrial systems performance.

Nick Stenning

Nick Stenning is a software engineer with interests in resilience, human factors in reliability engineering, and most things infrastructure. He's currently working at Microsoft. He was at Travis CI, Hypothesis, and the UK Government Digital Service.

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Moon Das

In this episode, I need your help to learning how it works? He's currently working at Microsoft. Try to involve all of them even in the future where is I am in.
Thank you & all the best for the future.

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Nitish Sharma

The podcast is very informative and i look forward for the next podcast eagrly.