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Language Creation with Edaqa Mortoray & Sam Scott

On DevDiscuss, we like to talk about both the burning questions that directly impact your life as a developer and the programming topics that are endlessly fascinating, but you might not have directly encountered in your own journey (yet).

Depending on your circumstances, this week's episode might fit into both categories...

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This week, we're talking about creating your own programming language with two people who have done exactly what the title of this episode indicates:

  • Edaqa Mortoray, Puzzle Designer at Edaqa’s Room and creator of the Leaf programming language
  • Sam Scott, co-founder and CTO of Oso, which is powered by the language they created called Polar.

P.S. Check out this great post by @mortoray, which we talked about on the show:

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Timo Sarkar

Awesome ❤️😎