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Web architecture lessons from mobile apps with Matt Biilmann

This week on DevDiscuss, we'll learn a lot about Netlify and Jamstack — and how the latter addresses a critical need in software development. That is, the need for all of us to have a "vocabulary that connects us to a broader theme of modernizing the web" as our guest put it.

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The guest I'm quoting is Matt Biilmann, CEO of Netlify. Matt co-founded Netlify in 2014 and today is one of the fastest-growing web development platforms. He has been building developer tools, content management systems, and web infrastructure for more than 30 years and is recognized for coining the term "Jamstack".

Not a bad person to chat with about Netlify, Jamstack, and modern web development, eh?

P.S. Today, Netlify shared two exciting announcements: their acquisition of FeaturePeek and the debut of next generation of Deploy Previews. Read Matt's post on these two announcements here

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haha i tuned into this one right away. awesome chat! and hopefully sveltekit will gain traction to be the framework du jour in 2022 :)