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Have You Ever Walked Away from A Job Offer?

Have you ever turned down a job offer after completing an interview? If so, what were the reasons behind your decision? Share your insights and experiences with the community.

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Ben Sinclair

My first software job offer, as it happens.

It seemed ideal. I was fresh out of university and I lived in the countryside (well, compared to where I live now) and it was walking distance. There was a small team of three of four people in an office that was - I think - a converted corner shop.

I had no job experience, but they seemed to really like what I'd done for my degree, and the fact that back then (the early or mid-90s) there weren't that many programmers kicking around the local sheep fields.

I can't even remember what they did. But it was programming.

For some reason they seemed to want to impress me by telling me how exciting it was and how much pressure they were under. Maybe I overcompoensated for myself by acting really confident or something.

They offered me the job. It was better pay than the fresh-graduate workhouse wage Microsoft offered at the time, and I wouldn't have to commute.

But they'd gone too hard on the excitement and pressure thing. I'm not that person. I'm an introvert, and I'm not confident in my own abilities. So I said no.

They immediately flip-flopped and started telling me it was actually easy and relaxed and I'd love it and was it the money? Because they could afford to pay me, let's see... up to three times what their original offer was?

That was a huge amount of money for a kid my age.

But I'd seen the state of their kitchen and the sleeping bags they had stuffed under their desks.

After that, I got a job doing IT support on an airfield for rocket scientists. I didn't try software again until well over a decade later, and that was only out of desperation really because I didn't think I could be a real software developer.

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Nabil Alamin

Yes, I rejected a job offer because of the hours they wanted. They wanted a 6-day 8-hour work week with less than average pay. It was absurd that such a requirement wasn't put into the posting.

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Paulo Henrique

I usually struggle to see red flags on job offers, but sometimes there are some that you can see even from the moon.

  • one day a guy reached me on LinkedIn asking for me dev freelancing. We started discussing what I needed to do, etc. Suddenly, he starts calling me demanding that I fixed the site (we didn't even discussed payment at this point) - I was going to the gym, told him I would only be able to help later, and he got crazy, making me turn off the phone.
    Days later, he started sending messages, asking to talk, on a Saturday. I was traveling to see my parents, and it was weekend so I just ignored. He started calling me on phone, WhatsApp AND telegram. I never hit the block button so fast.

  • there was this guy who wanted a WordPress pro on his team, and in the interview started bragging that he had 5 years of experience with WP. I just said "cool, I have 10+", not even trying to start a competition, just trying to talk about myself. The interview was over, as he started trying to compete with me on everything in life.

  • one type of interview that I KNOW that is a trap is when the person asks for a possible solution for a problem, you answer, and he starts correcting you saying that "my way is better".

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Peter Witham

I have walked away from a few. Over the years, I have learned to trust my gut, and when something doesn't feel right, I walk away. Often, the first sign is when a company is looking to fast-track the process; there is usually a bad reason for that.

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Jon Randy πŸŽ–οΈ • Edited

Yup, twice.

First time was back in the UK just before I moved to Thailand. My backup plan in case the move fell through was to go for a better job. I got a great job offer, but the my previous employer offered to re-employ me as a contractor if I moved to Thailand... so it was a no-brainer really. The job agency guy was apoplectic at losing his commission though, I've never heard so many swear words in one phone call... very professional!

Second time was here in Thailand, I did a round of interviews to see what was around as I was getting kind of bored with my job. Got some good offers, but the work sounded worse than what I had already. Ended up using a concrete offer as leverage for a large pay rise. Worked like a charm.

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Calin Baenen

No, because I haven't gotten any before.Β Β :(

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Lev N. • Edited

Never say never πŸ™‚ I will soon post an article about what to do (and not to do) when searching for your first development job. Make sure to check it out!
Edit: Struggling to land your first development job? Here is what you should do

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Scott Reno

Yes. If you see red flags, run away! Listen to your gut... if you feel bad about, it will turn out bad.

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Rajeev R. Sharma

Does waling away from one's own co-founded funded startup count?

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Stefan Moore

Does previous employment count as walking away from an offer?

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Dheeraj Awale

Yes. They were asking me to come to office 4 days a week. I prefer work from home due to the time wasted in traffic in my city.