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Alverto Ortega-Garcia
Alverto Ortega-Garcia

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Introvertish to Extrovertish

Through my self-awareness, I have noticed a strange phenomenon occurring within my personality. Ever since I entered the field of Computer Science and started working with Web/Software Technology, my time spent with computers—both at work and during my leisure time—has increased significantly. I don’t mind this at all since it’s my passion; however, it seems that something deep within me did get affected, as my personality trait has shifted from the introverted side of the spectrum to somewhere in the middle, leaning towards the extroverted side.

I’ve noticed this change in myself as I now initiate conversations more often, even with strangers in public. This is not to say that I used to be anti-social (I'm more inclined to be anti-social-media, hehe); I enjoy socializing, but I didn’t often initiate conversations before. Maybe it's just an age thing as I start my new chapter of life in my 30s :') or perhaps the Web Development field lowkey improves your social skills, which is certainly not a bad thing! I'm not complaining, but I worried that this field would make me even more introverted, which is not entirely a bad thing.

This evolution, however, has proven advantageous, particularly in my role as a front-end web developer. Effective communication is paramount in understanding clients’ needs and collaborating with a development team to devise solutions. The ability to step forward and connect with others has enriched these professional exchanges and I look forward to applying myself in my career.

I’m curious to know if other introverts have experienced a similar transformation or conversely, have any extroverts found themselves gravitating towards introversion? Either way, you're all cool :)

(PS - my first post, salud!)

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Mike Talbot ⭐

A similar thing happened to me years ago. I think it was down to becoming confident in something, it kind of rubbed off on everything. I used to frequently say to people that I'm super confident about my work abilities, but less confident about my social ones - I don't feel the need to say that any more.

I still consider myself an introvert for the simple reason that "to recharge my energy" I am better off alone or with a very small number of friends. Extraverts get energy from crowds of people apparently (God knows how!)

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Alverto Ortega-Garcia

ahh, I like that. I can see how a confidence in one skill can positively impact other lacking areas.
I also still consider myself an Introvert, but one that is able to adapt and temporarily "transform" into an extrovert when needed hahaa. Otherwise you can find me alone in the mountains :)

Thanks for your input and perspective Mike!