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Do You Feel Lucky? ☘️

Can you share a time when you experienced incredible luck or a stroke of good fortune that you couldn't believe? What was the situation? Tell us about it!

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Sukhpinder Singh

One day, I was deeply engaged in a coding project with tight deadlines, struggling to fix a bug. Feeling overwhelmed, I took a coffee break but accidentally spilled some on my keyboard.

While cleaning up, I found a forgotten note with a solution to the bug I was facing. It was a humorous reminder of my ideas, and implementing it solved the issue.

The incident taught me the importance of breaks and staying open to unexpected solutions.

_ndeyefatoudiop profile image
Ndeye Fatou Diop

I think I am generally an extremely lucky person. I have in the past received unfair negative feedback that could have get me fired. Fortunately I had a manager that could see the unfairness and make the right decisions for me ☺️

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I think all of us can list a handful of times where there's a massive bug or vulnerability on a production system, but luckily no users have identified (or at the very least reported) it yet. Especially bad ones are those that would have you end up with faulty data and having to go surgically fix that or write a migration.

I thank my guardian angel on those occasions.

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Jen Chan

Every damn day I'm lucky !!!

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Agbeze_Obinna • Edited

while i celebrated 83K the rest of the year was the same through out