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Caption This! πŸ€”πŸ’­

Sometimes, you need a break from your workday, and sometimes we need to interrupt that break by having you caption some images for us.

We don't make the rules! (Just kidding, in this case, we are making the rules.) Give us your best caption for the image below in the comments.

Picture of a man with a beard and glasses submerged inside a pool of milk and cereal

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sagaofsilence profile image
Sachin • Edited

Rejuvenated and Ready To Roar Again

From a milky pool of candies sweet,
Emerges a developer, oh so fleet.
With code as sword and wit as shield,
They're ready to code, their passion revealed.

With fingers swift and mind ablaze,
They'll conquer bugs in a coding maze.
Their creativity knows no bounds,
As they weave digital magic all around.
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Thanks to Google Bard for the poem

fyodorio profile image

Bubble-sorting practice session

lnahrf profile image
Lev Nahar

3 minutes before a critical bug alert on a Friday night

mmascioni profile image
Matt Mascioni

T-minus 10 minutes before discovering you're lactose intolerant πŸ˜”

jarvisscript profile image
Chris Jarvis

Hipster Os

daveparr profile image
Dave Parr

Man: There is a developer in my cereal!
Waiter: Quiet Sir, or everyone will want one!

mitchiemt11 profile image
Mitchell Mutandah

They said 'think outside the box,' but I chose to think inside the bowl. πŸ“¦πŸ²

tutortacademy profile image
Tutort Academy

developer enjoying after writing one line of code that will take the rest of the team a week to debug.