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Jess Lee for The DEV Team

Posted on

â†Ēī¸ Refactor for Hacktober ↩ī¸

For anyone interested in the DEV Community codebase, I wanted to share an unending list of potential ways you can contribute. And that is: by way of refactoring. Refactoring tends to be a nice-to-have until one day it becomes an absolute-must-have-blocker-to-something-else.

To access our unending list of things to refactor, check out our code climate issues. You'll see a variation of this:

code climate screenshot

Some issues are bigger than others, but they're all worth tackling. Any refactoring will help the project and contribute to the health of the codebase.

Happy Coding!

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theoutlander profile image
Nick Karnik

Is there UI Test Automation to help with this or does that need to be written first?

DEV has this feature:


Go to your customization settings to nudge your home feed to show content more relevant to your developer experience level. 🛠