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Schalk Neethling
Schalk Neethling

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Here are the 10 projects I am contributing to over the next 6 months. Share yours

My contributions to open source projects have gone down in the last nine months or so and I do not like it. Thankfully, it is one of those things in my control, so I am changing that.

Here are the 10 projects I picked to contribute to over the next 6 months. Which projects are you contributing to?

Update: One thing we are all allowed to do is change our minds or realize we have overcommitted ourselves. As such I am reducing the number of projects I intend to contribute to.


I also have five of my own projects which you are welcome to contribute to!

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Thomas Bnt ☕

Ooooh soo cool! I'm an active contributor i18n on Starlight and Astro doc. You will see the team and contributors are awesome people, don't hesitate to join us on Discord 💜

Mine is finish the French translation on Astro docs, and I would like to help on Web Monetization doc (under Starlight 🙌), but I wait the green light!

i18n(fr): Would loove to help to translate all the documentation in French language 💚 #427

Because I love Web Monetization, and I'm an active contriburor of the Astro docs, I would like to help you to translate ALL files in French language 🥐


  • [x] docs.mdx

In docs folder

  • [ ] guides/
    • [ ] add-a-streaming-payments-counter.mdx
    • [ ] monetize-page.mdx
    • [ ] provide-exclusive-content.mdx
    • [ ] remove-ads.mdx
    • [ ] set-up-probabilistic-revenue-sharing.mdx
  • [ ] intro/
    • [ ] receiving-payments.mdx
    • [ ] sending-payments.mdx
    • [ ] web-monetization-flow.mdx
  • [ ] references/
    • [ ] csp-monetization-src.mdx
    • [ ] html-link-rel-monetization.mdx
    • [ ] onmonetization.mdx
    • [ ] permissions-policy-monetization.mdx
    • [ ] attributes/
      • [ ] amount.mdx
      • [ ] amountsent.mdx
      • [ ] assetcode.mdx
      • [ ] assetscale.mdx
      • [ ] incomingpayment.mdx
      • [ ] paymentpointer.mdx
      • [ ] receipt.mdx
  • [ ] resources/
    • [ ] glossary.mdx
    • [ ] librairies.mdx
    • [ ] op-wallets.mdx

And for the moment, no more planned projects to contribute. If any user read that, and want a French translator, maybe I can help you!

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Schalk Neethling

Thanks for sharing, @thomasbnt - I am always inspired by the work of the l10n and i18n communities. I have joined the Astro Discord and the community is absolutely amazing. This was one of the primary reasons I wanted to give back.

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Thomas Bnt ☕ • Edited


A new acronym I didn't know! Thanks W3C!

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Michal Štefaňák

Thanks for sharing. For me it was my main open source project Bolt, then other stuff related to graph databases like php-client or cypherGUI. Recently it was thingsdb.js and thingsdb-php.

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Schalk Neethling

Nice! Great to see people contributing to open source and being passionate about their work!