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Max Prilutskiy
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We got 500 GitHub stars! 🤯 What's next?

Replexica GitHub Stars growth chart

"What if we built a tool that's just cool, useful, and fun to work on?" we thought to ourselves after our bootstrapped, profitable B2B side project was acquired.

"What if we build a compiler?.."

The problem

Here's a counterintuitive fact we learned: ~80% of the world doesn't speak English.

Does that mean most of the Internet users can't use the side-projects we build?

That's A LOT of people!

Shouldn't we be building multi-language apps by default, from day one, then?!

Illustration of a globe

What if?

I18n always was a huge headache. Extracting text, managing JSON files, writing custom sync scripts, asking a native-speaking teammate to double-check the translations...

Over the past few years, I've built hundreds of React apps: both at work and for side projects. I used tens of i18n libraries out there (react-intl <3), but none of them was a perfect match.

But what if we could build an i18n tool that wouldn't require touching JSX at all, while also using specially purposed AI for translation, right during the build?

Wouldn't that be cool?

It's called Replexica

My co-author Veronica comes from the Data Science + AI background. I've been using React since its first release and have built a compiler for a made-up programming language in the past, for fun (don't ask 😅).

And we both love building stuff!

So, we built Replexica: an AI-powered i18n engine for React.

It comes in two parts:

  1. Replexica Compiler - a plugin for React compiler.

    Long story short - Replexica Compiler traverses the Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) of the React app and infers metadata + text that needs to be translated.

    It can't do everything just yet, though with Next.js App Router it works well, and we aim to release the Pages Router support by the end of the month.

  2. Replexica Cloud - an AI-powered engine in the cloud to perform translations.

    The Cloud engine uses a combination of open-source + proprietary AI models. Think Llama + Google Vertex AI + GPT + Mixtral, wired together to translate the app, fully aware of the app's purpose and domain, and the more it's used, the better it gets.

    The API spec is open, so anyone could build their own translation engine (self-hosting guide coming soon!).


We made Replexica support legacy i18n approach too: you can setup Replexica to use your existing i18n JSON or YAML files, and it will manage them for you, on autopilot.

Now - on to the technical stuff.

Replexica Compiler 101

We thought it'd be really cool to show a quick TLDR of the first version of the compiler API.

Basically, it plugs into the React compilation process, and the rest of the React code remains untouched:

// next.config.mjs

// Import Replexica Compiler
import replexica from '@replexica/compiler';

// Configure Replexica Compiler
const replexicaConfig = {
  locale: {
    source: 'en',
    targets: ['es'],

// Existing Next.js config
const nextConfig = {};

// Export the Next.js config
export default

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That's it! (unless you use 'use client' components, if so - check out the docs).

We've been working on Replexica for the past several months, but some parts are still complex, and we're working on simplifying them. For example, the Next.js Pages Router is still in the works, and we're adding support for Remix and Create React App soon in May.

In terms of the Cloud, we're adding 2 more languages in April and hoping to add 10 more by the end of the year!


We've built the first version and showed it to several people. Most of them liked it, and some of them shared it with their friends. And some of them likely posted it elsewhere also...

Image of GitHub stars counter of Replexica repo showing 501 stars

... and now we're sitting on 500 GitHub stars! Adding 20-50 stars a day, and we're panicking a bit about what we should do next! 😅

For some, 500 stars might not seem like a big deal. React has 221,000 stars, for example.

But hey, for us, 500 is a lot – we thought we'd get 10!

What's next

What do we do next? You tell us!

At this point, we're excited to see where this project goes, and we're super hungry for feedback.

Right now, we're working on the Next.js Pages Router, and we're adding support for Remix and Create React App soon in May, as well as adding more languages to the Cloud.

We're also working on the docs!

A meme where junior dev asks "where is documentation" and tech lead answers "I am documentation"

Thank you! ❤️

And that's about it.

We're incredibly happy with the result. Our batteries are charged to the full with the community support, and we ready to ship more! 😎

We want to give every side-project a disproportionate advantage: to unlock instant i18n, hence much wider reach.

If you want to contribute, report a bug, or just hang out with us, drop by our new Discord channel to say hi.

... and don't forget to star Replexica 🌟 on GitHub! 😉

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michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Wooohooo! Major congrats, Max. This is super awesome to hear!

But what if we could build an i18n tool that wouldn't require touching JSX at all, while also using specially purposed AI for translation, right during the build?

Wouldn't that be cool?

Haha! You're damn right it'd be cool. So happy to hear that y'all are pursuing this idea AND that you're having such success with it.

This is good stuff! 🙌

maxprilutskiy profile image
Max Prilutskiy

Thank you Michael!!

Just having fun, and trying to build a useful tool. 🫡

jcllobet profile image
Jan Carbonell

This is so cool & feels like a win-win for everyone.

We switched from React to Webflow due to their multilingual plugin / support when we built a product that went viral & would have preferred to do it via a package.

maxprilutskiy profile image
Max Prilutskiy

Yep! We saw some also choose Framer for the website part because of the same issue.

Though oftentimes, nothing can replace the feeling of coding apps in JavaScript yourself. 😅

atsag profile image

Congratulations Max! I wish your project reaches many thousand stars!
I am impressed by your humility, only expecting 10 stars while you built such a great project (even though it may appear simple to you, it is NOT by any means). Thank you for sharing it and for making it open source

maxprilutskiy profile image
Max Prilutskiy

Thank you Andreas! Means a lot, honestly. Just trying to build a helpful tool, while having fun in the process.

I'm glad you liked it!

krasun profile image
Dmytro Krasun

Congratulations! 500 stars is not a joke. But what about users, do you have any?

maxprilutskiy profile image
Max Prilutskiy

Yes!! 🤩

Image description

ppaanngggg profile image

Great work, I am finding a good i18n solution.

redbeardjunior profile image

OHHH wow congrats, go get it ! you can definitely grow this in something successful!

maxprilutskiy profile image
Max Prilutskiy

Thanks Nick! :)

imri profile image

Congrats Max! Huge milestone!

What's next for Replexica?

maxprilutskiy profile image
Max Prilutskiy

As other said - 501st star! 🤣

On a serious note - next, we aiming to release full React.js support ASAP! As currently we're nextjs app router only.

mattiapomelli profile image
Mattia Pomelli

Super cool! I've never liked i18n but this makes it so easy 🤯

I was wondering how does the AI engine understand the purpose and domain of the app for translations? I guess it's from the code right?

maxprilutskiy profile image
Max Prilutskiy

Great questions! Yep - it's both from the metadata extracted from the code, and also from the info saved in the i18n dashboard!

kirstenpomales profile image
Kirsten Pomales

excited to give this a try!

igorsamokhovets profile image
Igor aka Tequila Funk

cool! does it support translated routes like /en or /es that's good for SEO?

maxprilutskiy profile image
Max Prilutskiy

Yep, that's possible :)

We're doing that internally too, but that isn't actually a part of the tool. Now I'm thinking we gotta prep some guides for that at least!

bhanustark profile image
Amitesh Kumar • Edited

The next is 501 🤗

_borombo profile image

Congrats, that's huge man continue that way! 🔥

maxprilutskiy profile image
Max Prilutskiy

Thank you Erwan!

nickmaykr profile image

Cool stuff 🔥
Would love to hear more about the language models: why do you use multiple ones, how were they trained, etc. Could some knowledge be shared with no harm to the ip? :)

maxprilutskiy profile image
Max Prilutskiy

Yep! Though that's a tough one. Simply put, we're using a combination of everything to make sure the result is not just correct - that it has the same meaning, intention, and 'flavor' as the original, and some models are simply better at certain tasks than others.