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Plans for something bigger

Hey there!

This week, I've been looking for some bigger fish to catch, that being doing something bigger than I did before.

My open source journey so far has been doing more or less simple things, in order to get to know the community better, and get my tool knowledge up right. So, now that I am fairly confident in myself (in terms of Open Source contributing) and my skills, it is finally time to get working harder.

What sounds more perfect in my case than implementing a new feature instead of fixing a visual bug? Exactly! So, my initial plan was to find myself an issue that required to write new code, instead of fixing the existing stuff. It was time to find something to work on.

Project and issue

After searching for a couple of hours, I found an issue that appealed a lot to me.

It was in a repo called Wego Overseer, which appears to be a Discord bot for a specific community. Chat bots have always been something I wanted to try, and this sounded like a perfect opportunity!

The issue itself was about implementing a chat poll feature that could be done via emoji-reactions under a message. This felt to me like something I have been searching for, challenging my skills and not as easy as my previous contributions.

My plan for implementation

Before jumping right into coding, I will have to examine the project and do some research about the tools it uses, such as Discord.js, knex, and Objection.

First things first, I will have to set it up locally and get it running. Then, I'll test it a bit to sense the way it works.

After setting up, I will read through documentation on the tools I have mentioned before. Once I get a hang of how they are used, I will try to design my solution, i.e. how the poll creator UX will feel, how the poll will look like, what logic it will be using in order to show poll results, think of other details, etc.

After my solution is looking good on paper, and I have a feeling of how to implement it, I will start coding. I will try to create a new command first, and then gradually try turning it into how I designed it.

Hoping it goes well!

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