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Discord bots are cool!

Hey there!

This post is a follow-up to my previous one, where I discussed my plans for making a bigger contribution than I have ever before.

If you remember, I was talking about adding a feature to a Discord bot called wego-overseer. I have made some progress, so let me tell you how it went.

Project set-up

In regards to installation, there was little to no issues. It is written in TypeScript, and uses yarn as the package manager.

I have never worked with yarn, and downloaded a wrong experimental version by accident... but regardless, everything code-related was set up, but the bot wouldn't just work like that. First, I needed to set up my Discord account and bot.

Adding an application and a bot to my account

Discord has a very thorough beginner's guide, which I used as a reference.

First, I created an application for this bot and any potential future ones I might develop. I made sure to capture the Application ID, and went ahead to creating the bot.

Under Bot section, I created a new one and took a note of the token for the project to be able to run. Then, I went to OAuth settings, checked needed permissions and retrieved a bot-invite URL, where I invited the bot to my test server.

All I needed to do from this point on was to run the code, and the bot finally came to life!

Coding progress so far

I began from creating a simple command like Hello World. Thank you to the project team for the great guide on their README on how to do it!

After I created and tested the new command, I started adding more relatable logic, which included a lot of documentation-searching and researching, since I have never worked with anything like that before.

In the end, I ended up with a simple poll logic of "yes", "no", and "unsure".

Finishing up (until next addition)

After I have completed a simple implementation of the feature, I opened a draft pull request, and asked the maintainers for some feedback on the work and on my ideas.

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