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Publishing Go package

Hey there! Thanks for checking in. Today, I finally released SSGo 1.0 and published it to Go registry so it's available to anyone! Let me tell you some more.


Go actually uses git tags in order to publish your module for everyone. Since my project, just like most of them, have module name as GitHub repo, Go uses module name to fetch a certain tag. You can try it yourself by doing go install

And since there aren't any more requirements, I didn't have to change my code at all! (Except for silly version strings mistakes...)

And while it sounds easy, another thing is putting your package onto Go package discovery site

Appearing on

It took me a while to understand how to get a webpage for my module. The documentation only briefly mentions it and it is easy to miss it.

What you need to do, is to make someone fetch your package via go get or go install. Some time might pass before it eventually appears, but it should be there in the end.

I asked a friend of mine who has never dealt with Go to install my package, and I am very thankful to him! Now he, too, can try my tool on practice.

And, after a bit of confusion on my part and some waiting, you can visit my package at

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