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Makerwork 002

Full-stack hobbyist HTML/CSS/Javascript, Node.js, Bootstrap.js, Harp.js, Sass, MongoDb, Metatrader
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Hey Makers! 👋

Welcome to the Digest 002 of the Makerwork newsletter. Tad, our featured maker, is a software engineer at heart. 🏆

Our Product section 📦 includes a several open-source repositories and a featured product, namely Minecraft Playdates.⭐️

We have a new section for Education 📚 & Resources.🧩

Also, take a look at what we've been reading 📖, and read the interview with our featured maker Tad. ⚡

Thank you.


The Makerwork newsletter includes interviews with makers featured in the email sharing their insights about open-source, their blog and work.

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