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Makerwork 003

Hey Makers! πŸ‘‹

Welcome to the Digest 003 of the newsletter. Alex, our featured maker, is creating a valuable platform for the community, sort of like Hacker News, but for podcasts. πŸ†

If you haven’t heard of Hacker News it is a social news website focusing on technology and startups. Most of the posts that make it to the front page are community-driven, hence it is important to curate your post such that it’s tailored to your audience.

According to RJMetrics the number of submissions made to HN each week has held steady. Participation rate is around 20-30% where users who participate more than 6 months tend to remain active for longer, despite the growth in HN users.

Looking at the best HN posts some subject matters appear to remain constant, e.g. programming, while others fall into and out of current trends. The median score for a HN front page story is 140, however posts that score >4K can be considered as viral.

As Alex said the biggest value of the platform is from the community. But you cannot have a community if you don’t have content, and you cannot have content if you don’t have a community. ⭐️


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