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Dávid Szabó
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Github Guesser - A Starry Game

UPDATE Release #2 is OUT!

Hey devs!

I am happy to announce that I am releasing the very first version of my new pet project.

It's a really simple game: You need to guess which GitHub repository has more stars, based on the given information! Just click / touch the one you think is more popular and in a moment you will know whether you won or lost!

You can find the game here: Github Guesser
(plain link if you prefer that:

Soon I will release the source code too on GitHub.
The repository is already initialize if you are interested in watching or starring it:

I am planning a few features to be released in the next few weeks:

  • Login using Github so you can track your stats
  • Backend: Uploading stats
  • Backend: Pull repositories
  • Frontend: Show how many people won or lost the combination you just finished

GOT ANY IDEAS? Share it!!!!

PS Have you met Static yet?
PPS You can find my blog at

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Tiago Marques


tombofry profile image

I've found that repositories that contain a list of other projects often have more stars than the actual projects themselves

omarrodriguez15 profile image
Omar Rodriguez

Pretty cool game !

Also liked this little Nugget.

I don't remember askin' you a goddam thing!

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Dávid Szabó

I am glad you liked it! I think you were the first one to play the new version, which included more headlines (the one you just mentioned) and few bug fixes ;)

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Dávid Szabó

UPDATE Release #2 is OUT!

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