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This is super slick.

I'm on the fence as to whether this might annoy me, but I definitely think execution is there. There is also a practical purpose for the animation as it makes it could make the success action a bit more obvious.


Whenever I use an app, I NEED the feedback from the app. I am a big fan of animations, nothing fancy but a simple slide up, fade in can make a big difference. Thank you for your reply!


What can I do to make it less annoying?
Thank you!


If you must animate it, I would suggest maybe not moving it all the way from the bottom. Start with it a little below where it will end up, and also start from 0 opacity. It will fade in and slide slowly and smoothly to its final position. Subtle, but better IMHO


I think it's pretty cool. Would like it slowed down a tad personally.


I am planning on tweaking it a bit!

Thank you!


Great! Keep tuned! I am releasing it next week ;)


Interesting way to add items to the list!

I do think that tweaking the duration and playing with the easing can make it even better, in it's current state it feels a bit to blunt.


I am glad you like that!
I am definitely planning on tweaking it a bit.
Thank you!

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