Makers - Week 6

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This was the first group project in the makers experience. I feel incredibly lucky so far - i have such wonderful classmates. I’m sure most students here feel the same, but the cohesion in our particular cohort seems something special. We socialise, go to great lengths to help each other understand topics, and helpfully quiz each other on topics (it turns out explaining your code to another student/coach is the best way of learning!).

To my great fortune once again, i was randomly assigned to a group containing good friends and serious coders. Our brief was to build a clone of AirBnb, aptly named MakersBnb. This involved building a website in Javascript, attached to a Ruby Controller, attached to a database (both a test and development database.)

3 weeks ago i would have run a country mile at the prospect of making this, but on the contrary I could not wait to get stuck in. I had wonderful people around me, who were not only greta communicators but serious coders. We quickly mapped out our databases and which tables they will each have, our paths in our controller and where they will redirect to, and the classes we needed in order to properly separate our concerns and have solid DRY code (all TDD’s of course!!).

The harmony was great and we quickly jumped straight in, and by the 4/5 day we had covered all of the necessary targets for the minimum viable product. This then left room for a few added features, and then some styling! CSS was never a strong point, but i enjoyed diving into JQuery further, and letting the creative juices flowing.

This week all in, really helped consolidate the learning I have had from Javascript from the previous week. It was scary at first, but dare i say I am beginning to absorb it at a rate, faster than i ever thought i could! Next week looks to be all about the world of vanilla Javascript (nooo my beloved JQuery!) which should give further insight into this new world.

As always wish me luck.


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