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2 Months have now passed since graduating from the Makers Academy.

The more that time passes, the more I see this pandemic situation in an optimistic light. I am carrying on with learning the intricacies of React, started working on Algorithms ( as I see this is a keen interview topic), and find myself reading about any and all articles I come across regarding coding/tech in general.

What is most productive however is my review of the course. I find myself completing week challenges from the course syllabus in a few hours, and completing bonus challenges, and additional features....and enjoying it. When I am working through some of the user stories, I have flashbacks of panic, dread, confusion and disbelief - what I was feeling when I first worked on these exercises. Now I am flying through the work, laughing at my previous self, but also realising that there is no shortcut to time.

I now understand the world of coding more than 3 months ago, appreciate practises and methodologies, and understand the core concepts more and more. Testing has been a big revelation to me, mocking in particular. I remember spending the first and second weeks main issue was to do with testing, and stubbing out some behaviour. This time around it made sense, and worked - it bloody worked! I felt so good that I quickly completed the same projects in a second language. Ruby code became JavaScript code, RSpec tests became Jasmine tests, and I felt this calming sense of I am a better developer than I was than 3 months ago.

This was important for me....the course was so intense, non stop and busy that I never had a chance to breathe, take a look around and observe what I had achieved. This quarantine has given me the time to take a look around and appreciate just how far I have come.

Apologies for the self absorbed rant, but i'm proud what I have achieved, and happy to be on this journey.

As always, stay safe during these crazy times, I wish everyone the best of health.


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