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Post Makers - Week 5

Week 5 has come and gone, much like the last few weeks of isolation and social distancing. And on the announcement by the UK government that there will be a minimum of 3 further weeks, it has me reflecting about this time at home.

It has been a pretty emotional week in all aspects. I started to struggle with the lack of contact from job applications, and the lack of jobs that really got my attention. I never thought i would waltz out of Makers and straight into a role, but the immediate future looks grim. On Wednesday I had a zoom call with a few of my classmates and it really helped. Seeing their faces, sharing our dismay and talking about the small perks of this quarantine life. It got me thinking, I am not in control of the world, the job climate, or social distancing....therefore when you have lemons, make lemonade.

Excuse the cheesy statements, but it did dawn on me, I currently have time, therefore i can consolidate and learn further skills in this self styled window of opportunity. I started going over the first weeks course material to solidify what I had learnt. Nt only was this a good refresher for me in the basics of OOD, Ruby and TDD, it again reminded me of how far I have come. I am thankful for starting this blog, as I was able to look back at my week 1 past and remember how how hard I had found it. This time around i completed the entire week 1 challenge in 4 hours (before it took over 30 hours to get 75% of the way through.

I can am happy with this small win, and will continue to review and be humbled whilst we are all towing the line of duty and staying indoors.

I wish everyone a warm quarantine, until next time.


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