Post Makers - Week 4

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Week 4 has come and gone, it's crazy how this inside life feels so normal now.

Gone are the days of popping to my friends, climbing, heading out to eat....the one positive is that I am getting many hours to code. The project is going well, this week i replaced the classic google markers with circles, with the radius changing on infection rate and the colour changing depending on mortality rate of a country.

Ignoring the morbid topic of the app, It is really helpful to be deep int he project, I find it is the best way for me to learn, and the best way to play around with concepts - much better than the good old days of writing notes!

Apart from that I am keeping up with regular zoom calls with my cohort which is nice, and applying to jobs as regular as possible. It seems like the requirements for Junior Developers has increased since all of this has started, although I see why entry level roles are not the priority for companies at this point in time - most have frozen recruitment whilst the pandemic continues.

Anyway just trying to keep positive, code and make the most of the one LONG dog walk a day!

Not the most eventful week, but keeping safe and carrying on. Here is the latest for anyone following (https://covid-mapper.herokuapp.com/).

Keep safe, my thoughts are with everyone through this time.


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