Makers - Week 3

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Week 3 has just finished, it was great to get back and see the gang, and be back in the environment to soak up as much knowledge as possible!

This week jumped straight into some basic web framework/server programs, experimenting with some front end (for the first time - eek!). We started getting to grips with Sinatra, a web framework for Ruby. In combination with Capybara (a mind blowing user simulation program used for testing) it became apparent that coding had a whole other world, the front end.

Our task was to make a Battle style game, with the ability for the user to select names, attack eachother and take turns. It quickly came to light that the world of coding was infinite, ever more confusing, but wonderful at the same time.

The Battle program was a success, this week i feel like i have understood the self led learning more, and used my time more effectively. I had some great partners to bounce ideas off, and ended the week with a table tennis social and beers with the crew.

Next week looks to be more of the same with some added features. The course is progressing at a warp speed rate, and i often think i am still not understanding as much as i could. However on the weekly reflection on Friday afternoons, i quickly realise that i know FAR more than i did at the start of the week. Dare i say i am almost looking forward to this weekends challenge to see how much i can do....

As always, wish me luck!

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