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Week 10 has come and gone.....where on earth has the time gone? Every 4 weeks a new cohort turns starts on site, and the general feeling used to be "amazing, we are not the green kids anymore", to now being more of a "oh lord...its coming to an end!?"

As a reflection, I am starting to cherish the time at makers more and more. I have met some truly wonderful people, learnt many things i never even new existed, and now have a new found respect for almost any piece of tech I come into contact with, no matter how basic it is!

The reason I am getting all soppy and emotional is because I have had a wonderful week working on the tech tests. The pace of the course was dramatically chilled this week, a stark contrast to the group projects of the last fortnight. We had several tech tests that were from the 'real world'. Some involved refactoring legacy code, some involved building simple programs, and some involved extending existing ones. I really enjoyed getting back into some good old OOP, and spending several hours a day crunching problems at my own pace.

My feedback was great, and it really shined a light on how far I had come over the last 10 weeks. Things I didn't know I could do started to appear on the page, basic things like dependancy injection, test doubles and class methods immediately made more sense than before, and the overall procedure of writing code seemed to come to me. Again i'm sure this is part of the Makers madness, but i'm glad I genuinely feel like a better coder than before, with more confidence and knowledge than i've ever had!

This was just what I needed before the final project next week (dum dum dummmmm). I have some ideas about what I will propose, first i will spend time over the weekend playing and will see how it goes on Monday for the selection process!

As always wish me luck,


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