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Week 9 came and went, and through many early mornings and late nights, we finally had the finished product.

I am immensely proud of the team for pulling together and creating a great final product. (It can be found here https://acebook-u-jakd.herokuapp.com/) The first weeks momentum ran into the second one, however it focused more around refinement, luxury features and final finishing touches.

We added features (at the request of our new product manager) that consisted of 'likes' for comments, comments on comments, and even 'likes' on comments of comments. Although this sounds simple, and a rinse-and-repeat style (I certainly thought it would be), it involved 3 new migration/database/table set ups, and many to many to one to many relationships!

As my experience with Rails grew, the more I realised what was possible. Rendering forms became easier, relationships with models/objects became more flexible, and paths began to route themselves, The seamless interaction in Rails continued to amaze me, and the final features were quickly implemented.

Overall the two weeks taught me the value of teamwork, communication, and not to be freaked out by new tech at the first taste (something that is slowly becoming more of a running theme at my time during makers!). I had a great time (shout out to Team U-JAKD), learnt a tremendous amount and am thrilled with the final product. Now we are off to present our project to the rest of the class and a well earned beer!

Next on the menu of makers is tech tests week - practising real world tech tests that are common as part of an interview. Dare I say for once I am looking forward to this new topic, after all it has been a while since I rolled my sleeves up and coded some good old object orientated problems!

As always, wish me luck!


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