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So today is Saturday 14th December.

Apart from being the day after a nightmare election result, it also signifies the end of week one of the on site course!

And what a week it has been. It started off like a flashback of the first day of high school, sheepishly introducing yourself to fellow classmates and making small, ice-breaking conversations. It however was navigated beautifully by the makers staff who gave encouraging welcomes, and an inspirational view into the world we were about to step in.

They made it very obvious that we were about to step into a ring that would last 12 rounds, 12 weeks of intense live and breathe programmer life! However they were quick to point out this was as much about enjoyment and wellbeing as it was to learn. Only through a balanced approach would we get what it was we wanted out of the bootcamp. Day 1 was a friendly introduction that involved orientation, team building and a review of the routine that lay ahead.

I was initially a bit skeptical and even worried at the style of learning they were telling us was essential to success - It was self-led learning and involved a large repository of work that we can pick and choose what to learn from at our own pace. This loosely correlated with the weeks 4 goals:

1) Test-drive a simple program using objects and methods
2) Pair using the driver-navigator style
3) Follow an effective debugging process
4) Describe some basic OO principles like encapsulation, SRP

At first i was worried that it would not be a simple spoon feeding exercise where we are giving the knowledge in lecture styles and then complete a weeks challenge. However after a couple of days it indeed became apparent that the style of the course was not to learn a single language, not to build a single programme but to actually be able to code to a specific brief all the time, every time. This meant discovering which style of learning (mostly practical in my case) was best, and choose how and when you wanted to learn.

This strange style initially spooked me, but after only 3 days i understood how archaic learning had been in my until this point. If i was to take a final exam of my degree at this day, i would surely fail (since cramming for the test was the tried and tested method back than) however with this new path to being a developer, it would allow me to write the "final exam' code all the time, every time.

This small light-bulb moment immediately vanquished any doubts i had, and after a great week getting used to the routine, the pairing and the code life, i can safely say i am a better and more knowledgable developer than i was at the start of the week.

This weeks post did not jump into what i actually learned as it would surely be too long (i also need time to digest he information!), however from next week i will start to include small bits of syntax/information along the way.

I can however say that the Trello Board has well and truly changed my life, i can now organise, plan, goal set and manage my time like never before, I am excited to start week two and search further down this rabbit hole!

As always wish me luck!

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