Makers Pre-Course - Week 4

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So week 4 has come and gone. It was more relaxed that the Ruby challenges we had to complete for the last 2 weeks.

This week focused on Test Driven Development (something makers seem to swear by)and meeting up with my classmates to pair program. it was great to meet some more of the class i will spending the next 3 months with.

We quickly worked on a basic Fizzbuzz challenges, reverse coding it to write requirements for the code, then write the code to satisfy the requirements. Initially it felt like a strange way to work, but quickly we realised it left no room for error in the code, and got you thinking about the flow of the code in a more natural way. It was also great to team up and see different points of view, and the different ways my classmates solved the tasks we have been set. Explaining my code somehow left me with a far deeper understanding of the code/problem also, turns out rubber ducking is the way to go!

I am writing this post on Sunday evening instead of the normal Monday - this is because tomorrow is the first day on site! I am equal parts excited and nervous, but up for the challenge and up for the tasks ahead. Going through a couple of ups and downs over the last 4 weeks has me relishing the challenge even more, i cant wait to get into a routine and get stuck in head first.

I will keep a similar style of weekly updates going about my time on site at Makers Academy, fingers crossed it goes smoothly and kickstarts the new career and new way of life I have been hoping for!

As always with me luck!


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