Makers Pre-Course - Week 3

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So that is it, week 3 is over!

On reflection, the positive trial and error success of the previous week helped infinitely this week. As the questions increased in both complexity and task length, it became apparent that the formula honed last week was the only way to succeed. I still had mind-blanks, rage and massive self questioning (especially during question 7.2 which involved putting user input in a rolling multidimensional array design) however last weeks struggles were this weeks gain.

I knew that through some clever googling, studying of the specific tools required (A beginners guide to Ruby course on Udemy helped massively) and some good old English grit, i would get through it. The feeling of submitting chapter 10 and passing the rspec was joyous.....I actually done it!

I had the chance to meet some more of my course-mates at the end of the week too. This was great as it became apparent that most people shared the same fears, went through the same thoughts and found the same struggles. It's nice to know I was not alone in this spectrum of emotions!

It was great to discuss ideas, techniques for certain questions and gain a different perspective. I am very much looking to start with my fellow cohort and get stuck into this world on a regimented full time schedule. After a weekend off with a well deserved beer, I start the final week of the pre-course, involving some paired coding, brushing up on codewars and completing the makers student directory challenge.

Wish me luck...


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