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Post Makers - Week 10

This marks the 10th week since graduating from the Makers Academy. To think that almost the same time has elapsed since starting the course is crazy. It feels so much longer in many ways, but also like a snap of the fingers.

It has been hard - as it has been for everyone. Going from the crazy fast pace of the Makers curriculum, to sitting inside the same 4 walls every day is certainly a massive change, but with regards to my coding, I am beginning to understand that it has been a blessing in disguise.

I have the freedom to take projects at my own pace, study hen i feel like it, and more importantly just code. When I was first thinking of starting this journey, i spoke to many friends (and friends of friends) who were in the industry - and the same advice kept coming up. "There is no shortcut to time" they would say, no matter who I spoke to. I am only truly understanding that message now, 9 months in.

I now understand what to type into stack overflow, how to change the code to see a different response, and how to debug more effectively. I don't panic when my tests are flashing red, or the endless console errors fill the screen...instead it feels like a bit of a game now, and has become truly fun. I still want to throw my macbook out of the window often, and curse whoever created the 'rules' for React apps, but quickly I know that I can overcome the issue. Also i have come to notice more that issues mean you are learning and expanding your bag of tricks, it is going to be there for the rest of my career!

The bottom line is there is indeed no shortcut to time. I honestly feel i think differently about discussions in life now. Everything seems like a conditional, and every problem has a solution, even if you don't know it then and there. I am having crazy/structured dreams where i feel like i dream in code...but i'll leave that for another post.

Everyone stay safe and fingers crossed this mess will be over soon.

I'm off to Durham this weekend....


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